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Metamorphosis New York is so proud to support EndAbuse4Good in their pursuit to end domestic violence and child abuse. Metamorphosis New York specializes in training new makeup artists and proactively helping them succeed in the world of beauty. Their artists are renowned for their distinctive makeup and hair designs that continually light up the faces of models, celebrities, brides and anyone looking for beautiful makeup and hair.

Dayna Pappalardo and Danielle Nafte, the founders of Metamorphosis New York in 2004, have always understood that beauty is much deeper than the face. Their goal was to touch the hearts of their artists and staff by partnering with Aryn Quinn's company, EndAbuse4Good.

" The first time I met Aryn, I knew that we would be lifelong friends helping to enlighten the lost ones to see they have been found. And to see and know that they ARE BEAUTIFUL! Aryn is the angel of women who truly don't know where to go or what to do because of the battering they have endured. EndAbuse4Good and Aryn give them hope. Metamorphosis New York just helps them feel externally beautiful again so that they can finally see clearly their Inner Beauty." - Dayna Pappalardo

When survivors of domestic abuse make the courageous leap to enter a shelter, it takes more than a safe place to begin a new life. They need a hands on care and hope!

After launching EndAbuse4Good I realized pretty quickly that if we were to continue reaching out, we’d need some extremely talented, super reliable volunteers. I literally prayed that if God wanted me to keep going, please send help. And that is when a big prayer was answered… in a big way!

It only took a moment for Dayna and Danielle of Metamorphosis New York to realize what was needed. They immediately stepped in to partner with EndAbuse4Good on what continues to be a fantastic journey with people whose great pleasure is making life better for those in need. I’m blessed to count the wonderful members of Metamorphosis as both partner and family.

In the words of a participant: “I feel beautiful. And I realize that there are still good people in the world and that I’m not forgotten. God Bless you all.”